Angel Navarro

CrossFit Coach
Angel Navarro


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Westside Barbell


I was introduced to weightlifting at a very young age and fitness has been a constant in my life. I credit fitness to meeting some of the best people I have ever known and taking me to incredible places. My coaching career began at my fire department when I was asked to lead the PT program for our fire academies and have done that for the past four years.

I started CrossFit as what I used to call ‘a necessary evil.’ I knew that I needed to be fit for my job as a firefighter, but up until my fire academy I had not done more than 20 minutes of cardio at one time. I’ve learned so much since starting CrossFit. I’ve completely fallen in love with exercise and fitness as a whole, and I now prioritize my health and strength above most things.

I am engaged to my wonderful fiance who has helped me to push harder and get better everyday. Together, we have three little dogs. I am an extremely avid mountain biker and love talking about all things bikes. I am currently on an Enduro racing team and am always looking for people to ride some trails with!

Funny fact about me, I’d like to think I have the most eclectic music taste out of anyone I’ve ever met. I absolutely love death metal with brutal breakdowns but will listen to anything from elevator music to Mongolian throat singing and on occasion, T-Swift.

Also, Chipotle is LIFE.

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