Hannah Thom

CrossFit Coach
Hannah Thom


  • CrossFit Level 1


My athletic career started early, after watching the 1996 Olympics I was inspired to start gymnastics. I began competing a year later, and spent a large portion of my childhood inside the four walls of the gym. When I was 14, I started online school in order to pursue an elite track. That same year, I started coaching and fell in love with sharing my passion with other athletes. My career ended when I suffered repeated stress fractures in my spine, but I continued to coach. For the remainder of my high school career, I also took the opportunity to try a new sport and became a pole-vaulter. In college, a friend of mine discovered CrossFit and was convinced it could be my “new gymnastics.’ After months of his prompting, I went to a local box and was instantly hooked. I loved the sport, the opportunity to compete again, and most of all I loved the community. After five years of competing and participating in CrossFit, I decided to pursue my CFL1 certificate and give coaching a try. Like gymnastics, I have loved the opportunity to invite others into a sport that I love and that has so greatly impacted my own life. When I am not “playing CrossFit,” you will find me with my husband Patrick (the happiest man on earth), and my two fur-babies: Ace and Jasper.

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