Jr. Wisneiwski

Instructor in Training
Jr. Wisneiwski


I was born in Palm Springs, Calif. I have three siblings – two brothers and a sister. About six years ago, my family and I moved to Colorado.  Growing up, I played football, soccer, tennis, participated in wrestling and most recently, track and field.  My passion is wrestling and I’ve been a wrestler for seven years. I’ve had some ups and downs in the sport over the years but in 2022, I placed 4th in the state of Colorado. A couple of years ago, I began coaching my younger brothers and eventually the younger wrestling classes. I’ve also studied weightlifting and have been able to help coach my dad and his friends at competitions.

When I was younger, like most kids, I didn’t have the healthiest eating habits.  My mom started CrossFit and started having me do workouts at home.  Slowly I began to move more and eat healthier and I could see the difference it made for me athletically.  I began to enjoy training and seeing how strong and fast I could become.  I love weightlifting and challenging myself whenever I can.

In 2021, I participated in CrossFit Kids over the summer and enjoyed it so much, I decided to do it again the next year.  After that, I asked my parents, who have been avid CrossFitters for a few years, if I could workout with them when I got old enough.  I wanted to learn more about the sport and am looking forward to coaching one day.

My days are spent going to school, playing basketball, working out and hanging out with my friends for fun.  A funny fact about me is that I can eat a whole taco in one bite.

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