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Bird Dog Bundle

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  • Personal Training Image

    Perk 1

    Personal Training

    You will go through our 9 foundational movements with the owner of the gym! Patrick will break them down into 3 personal training sessions: squatting, pressing, and dynamic work. Each session will include a brief, warm-up, teach/practice of the movement, workout, and cool down. It will give you the foundation and confidence to hop into a class!

  • Sozo Physical Therapy Image

    Perk 2

    Sozo Physical Therapy

    One of the perks to BDCF is our in-house Physical Therapist. You will receive a free consultation and movement assessment with Dr. Jenn Garrison. It is a great opportunity to ask about biomechanics, functionality of a muscle, or lack there of, and get advice from a professional about a nagging injury. 

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  • Alyssa Marie Nutrition Image

    Perk 3

    Alyssa Marie Nutrition

    In addition to 3 personal training sessions, an introductory physical therapy assessment, you will also get to meet another team member and food enthusiast... Alyssa Whited. She will sit down with you and give you the tools and guidelines to create a healther version of you!

  • Unlimited Membership Image

    Perk 4

    Unlimited Membership

    During all the meet and greets of the staff members hopefully you are taking advantage of our unlimited membership. This includes: yoga classes, strength classes, crossfit classes, cold plunge, infrared sauna, and our library! Oh and don't forget to introduce yourself to Hank, the gym dog. 


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