Mendy Cummins

CrossFit Coach
Mendy Cummins


  • CrossFit Level 1


  • Southern Nazarene University


My whole childhood consisted of playing sports—gymnastics, softball, and volleyball. Though I loved all 3 sports, volleyball quickly won over my heart, leading me to narrow my focus during high school where I was team co-captain and then went on to play collegiate volleyball at Southern Nazarene University. 

As someone who grew up playing sports, weightlifting, and conditioning were always a part of my life, and my post-collegiate life remained active through running, cross training, and playing pick-up ultimate frisbee, flag football, or volleyball. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I first heard about CrossFit from a friend told me they thought I’d fall in love with it. At the time, I had just found out I was pregnant, and didn’t want to start anything new at that time. After my first child was 18 months old, I decided to give it a try and turns out my friend was right. I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2016 and have experienced first-hand how transformative it is, even for females looking to reconnect with and strengthen their post-baby bodies. 

I am married to my husband, Tomy, and together we have two children—Laney (9), Judah (3)—and a golden doodle named Chewie. I enjoy making a good pour over, transforming our house, one project at a time, and experiencing all that Colorado has to offer in my free time: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, pickleball, wake surfing, and cycling. 

A funny fact about me: I straightened my own teeth growing up because we couldn’t afford braces.

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