Beth Royal

Head Coach
Beth Royal


  • CrossFit Level 2


  • Ottawa University


I was an athlete as a child, playing softball, basketball and soccer in high school. In college, I wound up getting a scholarship to play soccer at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kan. After marrying my college sweetheart, moving all over the country for his career, and having two boys 17 months apart, I found myself sitting behind a desk and tipping the scales at almost 200 pounds. I was searching for a consistent workout routine that would give me the sense of community and challenge my athleticism like I had when I was a college athlete. In 2013, I found CrossFit on the Internet while living in Kansas City. I admired the strong, capable women lifting weights and doing pull-ups, push-ups, squats, running and so much more. I wanted to be like them! Mostly though, I just wanted to keep up with our active boys without being so winded and achy. When I finally got up the courage to join a CrossFit gym in 2014, I couldn’t do one pull-up and couldn’t run 400 m without stopping but the challenge and camaraderie I found at my ‘box’ was contagious. A little over a year later, I received my CFL1 certificate while living in Michigan. Since then, our family moved again to southern California where I worked and coached at several CrossFit gyms, studied and soaked up as much information as possible. We had our little girl in December, 2017 and am proud to say, was able to CrossFit the entire length of my pregnancy which without a doubt, helped with my labor and delivery. If anyone could put their head down and work through a hard situation, much like in a Workout Of the Day, it was me. We moved for the final time back to Colorado in 2019 where I earned my CFL2 certificate. I am currently working towards receiving my CFL3. When I’m not CrossFitting or coaching, my husband Birch and I spend time catching up with our three children, Linden (13), Luke (12) and Logan (5) and their many sports and activities. We love living near the mountains and hike, bike, fish, hunt and camp as much as we can in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. Funny fact about myself… I am an avid music listener and movie buff and have the uncanny ability to remember music lyrics and movie quotes.

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